Omland Lab Back from Puerto Rico

If spending part of winter break in balmy Puerto Rico sounds great — consider this: the professor had to live with four undergrads for 12 days.  Meanwhile, the four poor undergrads had to live with a professor for 12 days!  Cross cultural experience for all. Up at 4:30 AM; done usually by 7PM.  Some snorkeling, beach time or naps during the scorching midday.  We were banding the endemic Puerto Rican Oriole for two undergrad projects.  Hard work but mostly really enjoyable for all.

Left to right: Jin Ah Kim (Biochem, UBM, Meyerhoff), John Malloy (Bioinf, UBM), Oliver Mullerklein (BS 2013, Lohr Lab), Kevin Omland (BS last century), Susanna Campbell (Biology, MARC USTAR)