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Undergraduate Curriculum

UMBC’s undergraduate programs in the biological sciences offer an innovative, comprehensive overview of biology. Students’ career objectives help guide them in choosing their course of study. We invite you to explore the information available through the links on the left to learn more about UMBC’s undergraduate programs in the biological sciences.

The B.S. curriculum is most appropriate for students planning to pursue graduate study in biology or to work in a technical or laboratory research setting. The B.A. curriculum is designed for students who want to combine another area of study—such as education, environmental studies, or scientific writing—with a solid background in biology. The B.A. degree is also most appropriate for students who plan to pursue a medical or other health profession.

Students in both programs find the talented and dedicated faculty and staff, emphasis on the individual needs of students, nurturing environment, and up-to-date research equipment that are the hallmarks of UMBC’s Department of Biological Sciences.