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Profile Photo for Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf

Senior Lecturer

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Bldg, Room 074
MS, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (1983)
BS, Brenau College, Gainesville, GA (1979)

Julia Wolf teaches the research-based laboratories required of the students in the Applied Molecular Biology Master’s degree program. The students work independently on scientific problems in collaboration with research faculty at UMBC and at local biotechnology companies. Her goal is to incorporate the latest techniques and applications in a challenging, collaborative, and supportive environment, emphasizing critical thinking and scientific communication, to best prepare the students for successful research or professional careers.

Selected Classes
Fall 2019 BIOL 635L – Adv Molec Biol Lab I
Spring 2019 BIOL 636L – Adv Molec Biol Lab II
Winter 2017 APMB 695 – APMB Research: On-campus
Intellectual Contributions

CD3xPDL1 bi-specific T cell engager (BiTE) simultaneously activates T cells and kills PDL1+ tumor cells vol. 8 57964-57980 Oncotarget

Tumor Cell Programmed Death Ligand1-Mediated T Cell Suppression Is Overcome by Coexpression of CD80, Journal of Immunology vol. 186(12) 6822-9

The molecular genetics and evolution of colour and polarization vision in stomatopod crustaceans , Ophthal.Physiol.Opt vol. 30 460-469

Uveal melanoma cell-based vaccines express MHC II molecules that traffic via the endocytic and secretory pathways and activate CD8+ cytotoxic, tumor-specific T cells, Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy vol. 59 103-112

Simplified gene synthesis: A one-step approach to PCR-based gene construction, Journal of Biotechnology vol. 124(3) 469-503

Inefficient Translation and Replication. (Book Review) Heredity vol. 91 438-439

Identification of a distal regulatory element in the 5' flanking region of the bovine prolactin gene. Nucleic Acids Res vol. 18 4905-4912

Identification of a Novel Site Specific Endonuclease Produced by Mycoplasma fermentans: Discovered While Characterizing DNA Binding Proteins in T-lymphocyte Cell Lines. Nucleic Acids Research vol. 17 3491-3499

Regulation of the Human Interleukin-2 Receptor Alpha Chain Promoter: Activation of a Nonfunctional Promoter by the Transactivator Gene of HTLV-I. Cell vol. 49 47-56

Intellectual Property

Patent Enhanced Gene Expression in Response to Lactation Signals. 5320952 Approved: Jan 1, 1994

Patent Assay for Mycoplasma Fermentans 5073486 Approved: Jan 1, 1991

Patent Novel Restriction Endonuclease 4935367 Approved: Jan 1, 1990

Research in Progress

Development of a genetic system for Alteromonas Scholarly (On-Going) Sep 1, 2017