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Cancer Research Opportunity at the FDA

Post-bacc/Master's fellowship

March 27, 2019 10:15 AM

Cancer Research Opportunity (Molecular Mechanisms of Squamous Carcinogenesis) at the Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD


Research: A fulltime position is available to join a research team working to elucidate the specific contributions of molecular changes observed in human squamous cancers of the head and neck to cancer pathogenesis.  Studies will utilize a combination of molecular, biochemical and cell-based approaches. Our research is focused on the role of p53/p63/p73 family gene products (with an emphasis on DNp63a) and their interactions with the RAS and NFkB pathways. The ideal candidate would be a team player with a positive attitude and with previous experience in a basic research setting.  


Position Type: Post-baccalaureate/Master’s fellowship.

One-two year position, starting early summer, 2019.


Qualifications: Applicants must have received a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Biological Sciences, or related disciplines appropriate to the position, from a US-accredited institution within five (5) years of the desired starting date. Hands on experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, and primary cell culture are desired. Note: All applicants must be able to pass a Tier One security screen (non-sensitive), with a residency requirement of three of the past five years in the United States.


How to Apply: E-mail a letter of interest and copy of your CV containing academic history, employment history, relevant experiences and two educational/professional references to: and

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