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Re: Grading Method Updates for Biology Majors & Minors

March 25, 2020 2:48 PM

Hello BIOL, BIOC, BIOE, BINF and BIOQ majors and minors,


You all recently received an announcement about the option of dropping a class or changing to P/F grading.  We have heard some feedback about students confused by this announcement. Since we are at the beginning of advising season for Fall 2020 classes (yes, you should contact your adviser now!), we thought we would summarize the essentials of this new policy for you:


1) The last day to drop a class this semester and receive a grade of ‘W’  is now June 10th (yes, you can change to a W after grades are posted. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to attempt a class twice, and a ‘W’ grade counts as an attempt).


2) GenEd classes taken this semester (Spring 2020) can now be taken Pass/Fail and will count toward the GenEd requirement, and the last day to change to P/F grading is now June 10th.


3) Note this important point -> as of now, the Pass/Fail option still cannot be used for any major or minor requirements. You must still get a C or better grade for all classes used for BIOL, BIOC, BIOE, BINF or BIOQ (if this ever changes, we will notify you).


If you have plans to attend medical, professional, or graduate school after graduation, note that as of now most programs do not accept Pass/Fail grades for their prerequisites. Before you decide to change the grading for any required course to Pass/Fail, please check the website or admissions information for individual graduate/professional programs, to make sure that a P/F grade will be acceptable. 


Your academic adviser will know all these things, and if you have any questions you can ask her/him when you interact for Fall 2020 advising.


We hope you and all members of your family are safe, and we hope you are practicing social distancing so that we all help to keep our at-risk loved ones safe and our health care professionals and first responders safe and sane. Best of luck with the rest of this (online) semester!


Philip Farabaugh

Chair, Dept of Biological Sciences


David Eisenmann

Undergraduate Program Director BIOL, BIOE


Jeffrey Gardner

Undergraduate Program Director BIOC


Maricel Kann

Undergraduate Program Director BINF

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