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Departmental Honors in Research FAQs

Does a student need to apply to the Honors College to receive Departmental Honors in Research?
Admission to the Honors College is not required for participation in Departmental Honors in Research program.

Can a student take BIOL 499 and BIOL 497H in the same semester?
No. BIOL 497H is a third semester of research, with an extra scientific communication component added on top of the student’s research expectations.

Can a student take BIOL 499 and BIOL 499L in the same semester?
Yes, but to qualify for Departmental Honors, a student must do 3 semesters of research in a faculty mentor’s lab. A student must take either 3 semesters of BIOL 499 + BIOL 499L, or 2 semesters of BIOL 499 + 497H.