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Fellowships and Financial Support

The minimum stipend for matriculating Biological Sciences Ph.D. students is $23,500, but three competitive programs provide additional support to exceptional applicants. Please see details listed below.

UMBC’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is also a valuable resource for graduate students looking to explore available options for financial aid and support. We encourage you to visit the departmental website to learn more.

Biological Sciences Department GAANN Program

UMBC now has three active programs funded by the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN). The Biological Sciences program supports at least four students with a maximum stipend for GAANN fellows of $30,000, based on need.

Chemistry-Biology Interface Program

The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Program supports students bridging the interface between the two disciplines; beginning Biology students receive at least $23,800 stipends from the CBI program.

Meyerhoff Graduate Program

The Meyerhoff Graduate Program promotes cultural diversity in graduate studies in several programs. The training program provides special training opportunities and a stipend of $21,000 per year.

Meeting Travel Fund

After admission to candidacy, graduate students are eligible for a $300 grant to support their attendance at a scientific meeting. Please use the Scientific Meeting Form to apply for this grant.