Summer Session!

Office hours are 9:00-3:00

To get in contact send an email to biology@umbc.edu

With more than 35 tenured and tenure-track faculty members and lecturers, UMBC’s Department of Biological Sciences is one of the university’s largest academic departments encompassing a wide breadth of research and teaching.  Research faculty in the Biological Sciences focus on:

      • Cell Biology
      • Computational Biology
      • Developmental Biology & Immunology
      • Evolutionary Biology
      • Molecular Biology & Genetics
      • Neuroscience
      • Plant Biology

The department offers a full complement of baccalaureate and graduate programs leading to B.A., B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees, which are recognized for their emphasis on research, scientific approach, faculty contact, and extensive laboratory offerings. These programs serve to train a broad spectrum of future biologists and researchers, and to prepare students for graduate and professional schools.