Career Resources

UMBC’s Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate education that is among the best in the country. Our focus on the individual student and the quality of the education she or he receives results in our alumni going on to study at some of the most prestigious graduate proImage of four adults in labcoats walking down stairs. Click to enlarge image.grams and to work at some of the best known organizations in the nation.

We invite you to learn about our alumni and where their UMBC experience has taken them. We also recommend that you visit UMBC’s Career Center for the latest information on career development and recruiting initiatives. The Career Center also answers the question “what can I do with a biology degree“?

An article entitled, “Career Paths for Life Scientists – Manage your Career”appeared in the May 5, 2010 Chronicle of Higher Education, describing several alternate careers to those who are looking for something other than faculty research or teaching positions.  You can hear some accounts of how some of our alumni used their education to pursue a selection of alternate careers.

Listed below are links to association and publication websites specifically related to the biological sciences. These sites frequently offer career and employment information.