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Labs & Equipment

A comprehensive $10 million renovation to the 62,640 square foot Biological Sciences Building, completed in 2000, expanded the department’s research and teaching laboratories and support areas, which now include:

  • K-12 Resources
  • Keith R. Porter Imaging Facility
  • Research presentation room
  • Illustrative Services
  • Scientific dark room
  • Aquaria suite
  • Five (5) multi-range controlled temperature cold rooms
  • Controlled temperature growth room
  • Two (2) media preparation rooms
  • Three (3) plant growth areas
  • 5,000 square foot transgenic plant greenhouse
  • NIH-approved animal facility
  • Electronics shop
  • Machine shop
  • Cyan ADP flow cytometer equipped with three lasers and capable of nine color analysis
  • DNA sequencing lab
  • Applied molecular biology lab
  • High speed streaming video and graphics capabilities
  • Internet2 connection
  • Freezer Program – Invitrogen products are available through the freezer program at reduced cost. For a sample list of products which may be secured at a reduced rate, visit our Freezer Program page. Contact Chuck Bieberich for more information.

State-of-the-art equipment supports department research, including:

  • Molecular Biology: Storm phosphorimager, U.V. fluorometer, image documentation systems, and DNA sequencer
  • Cell Biology: Confocal and electron microscopes, and fluorescence activated cell sorter
  • Biochemistry: Ultracentrifuges, HPLC and FPLC, and fully-equipped cold rooms
  • Neurophysiology: Video image analysis systems, microspectro- photometers, and macromanipulators