PhD in Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences

Female student looks at image on computer monitor. Image on computer is a blue circle on a black field.The Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences program (NACS) offers a wide range of research and training opportunities for students pursuing doctoral level research in a variety of areas within the field of neuroscience. Two concentrations are available; neuroscience, and computational neuroscience. Faculty research interests range from molecular neurobiology and neural and behavioral systems, to analysis and modeling of neurons.

Research approaches include both the theoretical and the experimental. The experimental work includes cutting edge methodologies; the theoretical includes mathematical, computer, and engineering studies; and both approaches are commonly used together.

Degree Requirements

  • Two-semester introductory neuroscience and cognitive science course
  • One credit course featuring work of faculty
  • Neuroscience Track – three additional courses from specializations
  • Cognitive & Computational Neurosciences Track – three courses in the following areas: neurosciences; cognitive; computational
  • Research rotations (three)
  • Two semesters as a teaching assistant
  • One 700 level (3 credit) graduate seminar
  • Beginning with the second year, Ph.D. students are required to participate in a research seminar (journal club) every semester and to take one included in the 18 credits of 600/700 level courses)
  • Additional courses may be added by the student’s advisory committee in order to fulfill departmental requirements
  • 18 credits of research
  • Dissertation written and defended

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