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Profile Photo for Daniel Lobo

Daniel Lobo

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences, Room 115
Postdoc, Tufts University (2015)
Ph D, University of Malaga (2010)
MS, University of Malaga (2007)
BS, University of Seville (2005)
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Research Interests

What are the dynamic regulatory mechanisms, the information processing, and the specific molecular elements that control complex biological processes? At the Lobo Lab we develop new computational and mathematical methods to build quantitative dynamic models, produce testable hypothesis, and validate them in vivo with molecular assays at the bench. Our integrated systems biology approach aims to understand the regulatory dynamics controlling multidimensional biological phenomena such as development and regeneration, the formation of cancer and other diseases when this process goes awry, and their applications to systems and synthetic biology. To this end, we also create mathematical and computational models, high-performance in silico experiments and simulators, and novel formalisms, ontologies, and databases to centralize and unambiguously describe biological experiments and their results.

Teaching Interests

BIOL 737 - Research Seminar in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

BIOL 615 - Systems Biology (graduate)

BIOL 415 - Systems Biology

BIOL 313 - Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Intellectual Contributions

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