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Kevin Omland

Kevin Omland


Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Bldg 425


Ph D The University at Albany, SUNY 1995

BA Dartmouth College 1985


BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, University at Albany (SUNY); Postdocs: Duke, Univ. Minnesota, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. UMBC Faculty 2000 - present. Australian National University 2007, 2010. UMBC Presidential Research Professor 2016-2019.

Research Interests

Overall interests in the ecology, evolution, behavior and conservation of birds. Current focus on the conservation biology of several threatened or near-threatened orioles, especially the Puerto Rican Oriole. Ongoing work on female song, including comparing temperate and tropical oriole species. Previous research: Evolutionary Biology - molecular phylogeny and population genetics of closely related birds to study speciation and character evolution, especially orioles (genus Icterus) and ravens (genus Corvus). Current contract for book on the tree of life for Cambridge University Press.
Keywords: conservation biology, tree of life, evolutionary biology, ornithology, ecology, evolution, animal behavior.

Teaching Interests

Biology 142: Introductory Ecology and Evolution; Biology 484: Evolution from Genes to Genomes. More broadly: biodiversity, evolution, phylogeny, animal behavior, conservation. Especially interested in teaching clear tree thinking as there is no "ladder of progress" in evolution. Understanding the Tree of Life.

Intellectual Contributions

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Research In Progress

Omland, K. E.. “Conservation Biology of the Critically Endangered Bahama Oriole,” Scholarly (Writing Results). Jan 1, 2015


Omland, K. E. (Author & Presenter), Cant, Shelly (Author), Antalffy, Janine (Author), Rowley, Michael (Author), Fagan, Matthew (Author), Studds, Colin E (Author). Wilson Ornithological Society Annual Meeting. Oral Presentation. "Good News from a Caribbean Island Endemic: Downlisting the Bahama Oriole from “Critically Endangered” to “Endangered”," Wilson Ornithological Society. (Jul 1, 2023).

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