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Maricel Kann

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Bldg, Room 116
Other, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH) (2007)
Ph D, University of Michigan (2001)
MS, Universidad de la Rep├║blica. Montevideo (1994)
BS, Universidad de la Rep├║blica (1991)

Dr. Kann She received a B. Sc. and graduate degree in Chemistry from the Universidad de la Republica in Montevideo (Uruguay),and a doctoral degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.She is one of the leading experts in the area of translational Bioinformatics and has chaired several international conference sessions.

Research Interests

Dr. Kann's research focuses on computational approaches to annotate the human genome with the goal of revealing the molecular underpinning of human diseases. One of the crucial steps after sequencing the genome is to classify and assign function to gene-encoded proteins. Dr. Kann's work addresses these challenges studying new computational methodologies to align, classify and predict interactions of proteins as well as to identify the role of certain mutations in the disease mechanisms.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kann's main focus is in teaching students the basic and more advanced aspects of bioinformatics. She had taught BINF 303, intro bioinformatics and BINF495, Bioinformatics seminar since 2007. She has also taught a new graduate seminar based on the book she edited, Translational Bioinformatics, a collection in PLOS Computational Biology.

Intellectual Contributions

Oncodomains: A protein domain-centric framework for analyzing rare variants in tumor samples PLOS Computational Biology