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Weihong Lin


Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Bldg, Room 211
Postdoc, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (2003)
Postdoc, Colorado State University (2000)
Ph D, Colorado State University (1999)
MS, Zhongshan University (1988)
BS, Zhongshan University (1982)
Research Interests

Our lab research is focused on understanding the neurobiological aspects of chemical sensory systems in the nose, specifically mechanisms of sensory detection and functional maintenance. We use transgenic and genetically modified animals and multiple experimental approaches, including intracellular calcium imaging, electrophysiological recordings, immunolabeling, molecular analyses, and behavioral assays in our study. We hope to provide knowledge about: 1) sensory detection of certain chemical substances, such as flavors and other constituents in electronic cigarettes; 2) modulatory networks that adaptively maintain olfactory functions; and 3) environmental exposure-induced sensory dysfunction and associated behavioral deficits.

Teaching Interests

BIOL 451/651: Neurobiology
BIOL 303: Cell Biology
BIOL 490/690: Chemical Communication and Brain Disorders
BIOL 305: Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 499 or 499H: Undergrad Research experience
BIOL 499L: Undergrad Lab Research
BIOL 396: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship

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