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Sarah Leupen

Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences, Room BIOL 467
Postdoc, Harvard Medical School (2002)
Ph D, Northwestern University (1998)
BA, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio (1993)
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Senior Lecturer at UMBC; leads workshops in evidence-based teaching, motivating students, Team-Based Learning, and other topics; interested in best practices for training students to think quantitatively.

Research Interests

I'm interested in seeing an increase in the use of quantitative thinking generally, and mathematical modeling specifically, in undergraduate biology education, particularly in lower-division courses where such methods are rarely employed, and am involved in several projects relating to that. I am also involved in an evaluation of student discourse within teams in the context of Team-Based Learning and other flipped classroom pedagogies, and in the use of collaborative learning in general. For more on research, please see my professional site.

Teaching Interests

I teach Human Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology, physiology lab, Medical Case Studies, and Nutrition. Every spring, I teach a seminar in the Honors College. This year’s seminar is on the Physiology of Dinosaurs (HONS 300.1). I'm interested in improving STEM education practices locally, nationally and internationally, and conduct training/workshops on a variety of topics in evidence-based teaching. I'm a certified trainer/consultant in a teaching strategy called "Team-Based Learning" that incorporates a lot of best practices; it's a type of flipped-classroom strategy in which students prepare with basic content knowledge outside of class, and then after assuring that they are truly prepared, they work though increasingly complex application problems, in permanent teams, during class time.

Selected Classes
Spring 2018 BIOL 305 – Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 305L – Physiology Lab
Fall 2017 BIOL 233 – Nutrition And Health
BIOL 307 – Human Physiology
BIOL 487 – Medical Case Studies
Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Starz-Gaiano, Michelle (Supporting) Leips, Jeffery W. (Co-Principal) LaCourse, William R. (Co-Principal) Ott, Laura (Supporting) Hodges, Linda (Supporting) Hoffman, Kathleen (Supporting) Leupen, Sarah M. (Supporting) Kephart, Kerrie (Supporting) Jewett, Sarah (Supporting) Kowalewski, Caitlin (Supporting) Collaborative Research: A Model of Institutional and Community Transformation for Teaching and Learning Quantitative Reasoning in the Biological Sciences (The IUSE Initiative) Grant (Funded) Sponsored by NSF (Oct 1, 2018 – Sep 30, 2023)

Leupen, Sarah M. (Principal) Fulbright Scholar Fellowship Fellowship (Funded) Sponsored by William J. Fulbright Commission, State Department (Sep 18, 2016 – Jun 18, 2017)

Leupen, Sarah M. (Supporting) "Quantitative Reasoning: Measurement & Skills Lab" Grant Sponsored by Hrabowski Academic Innovation Fund Award

Leupen, Sarah M. (Co-Principal) “Modeling as a Pedagogical Tool for the Life Sciences Curriculum” Grant Sponsored by Hrabowski Academic Innovation Fund Award

Intellectual Contributions

3 vol. 17 1-11 CBE Life Sciences Education

The use of porcine corrosion casts for teaching human anatomy vol. 213 67-77 Annals of Anatomy

2 vol. 15 ar14-ar14 Cell Biology Education

Using Reading Quizzes in STEM Classes--The What, Why, and How 1 vol. 45 49-55 Journal of College Science Teaching

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2016 Summit for Transforming STEM Teaching in Higher Education Poster Use of Quantitative Modules in Introductory Biology Courses Improves Quantitative Proficiencies NSF Boise, Idaho

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons Conference Keynote/Plenary Address Beyond Navel Gazing: The Evidence Base for Employing Reflective and Metacognitive Practices in our Teaching Georgia Southern University Savannah, GA

7th Annual Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education Poster Inside Out Physiology: This is Happening Inside You Right Now! Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education Washington, DC

Departmental Seminar Seminar Use of Quantitative Modules in Introductory Biology Courses Improves Quantitative Prociencies, Biological Sciences Department UMBC

Team-Based Learning in K-12 Education Seminar Team-Based Learning in K-12 Education McDonogh School Reisterstown, MD

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Provost's Teaching and Learning Symposium, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Poster Use of modeling as a pedagogical tool in an undergraduate biology teaching laboratory Baltimore, MD

(Author & Presenter) 13th Annual Conference on Team-Based Learning in Higher Education Poster Positive Outcomes for an Undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology Course Using Team-Based Learning Team Based Learning Collaborative Ft. Worth, Texas

(Author & Presenter) 13th Annual International Conference on Team-Based Learning in Higher Education Seminar The Four-S Experience: Creating Good Applications Team Based Learning Collaborative Austin, TX

(Author & Presenter) Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting Poster Use of Modeling as a Pedagogical Tool in an Undergraduate Biology Teaching Laboratory Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Austin, TX

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(Presenter) (Presenter) National Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching Oral Presentation Team-Based Learning: A Primer Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching Traverse City, MI