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Biological Sciences Presenters at URCAD

April 5, 2021 12:40 PM

Join us for URCAD Online, April 19-25 at

Susan Afolabi | Regulation And Effects Of Ferritin In Border Cell Migration In D. Melanogaster | Michelle Starz-Gaiano | Biological Sciences

Shandon Amos | Investigation Of The Protein-Protein Interactions And Function Of The Chromatin-Associated Protein Set4 In S. Cerevisiae | Erin Green | Biological Sciences

Nahum Arefeayne | Role of Histone Gene Mutations in Tumorigenesis | Anita Corbett | Department of Biology, Emory University


Maria Bieberich | Characterizing The Role Of Shep In Border Cell Migration In Drosophila Melanogaster | Michelle Starz-Gaiano | Biological Sciences

Dominique Brooks | Evidence For Conserved Mechanisms Of Neurulation in the Zebrafish Forebrain | Rachel Brewster | Biological Sciences


Isabella Salguero Cespedes | EFFECTS OF THE UV-FILTER OCTOCRYLINE IN D. MELANOGASTER | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Wujin Choi | “The Effect Of Different Gut Bacterial Environments On The Brain Of Fruit Flies” | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Tessa Clement | Regulation Of Proteasome Assembly Chaperone PAC3 In Human Cancer Cells | Achuth Padmanabhan | Biological Sciences

Arushi Dalal, Julia Warfield | Grasshopper Sparrow Song Diversity in the Caribbean | Bernard Lohr | Biological Sciences

Ayushi Dave | Investigating The Role Of Effete In Border Cell Migration In D. Melanogaster | Michelle Starz-Gaiano | Biological Sciences

Alexandra Erazo | ASK1 May Be A Therapeutic Target For Burn Injuries | Manik Ghosh | TLST

Bailey Godwin | Analyzing The Effect of NPF Dependent Chronic Pain on Ethanol Preference in Drosophila Melanogaster | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Mitra Harrison | Deciphering The Function Of The rlsA Gene In The Multicellular Green Alga, Volvox Carteri | Stephen Miller | Biological Sciences

Joana Hernandez | Assessing The Function Of Human Amyloid Precursor Protein And Its Fly Homolog APP-Like In Drosophila | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Malika Hitam | Effects Of Zinc Exposure On APPL-dependent Neurodegeneration In Drosophila Melanogaster | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Kathryn Hogan | Bioinformatics Modelling Of MicroRNA-mRNA Interaction Network Perturbation Using Nanostring RNA Expression Data | Jeffrey Robinson | USG TLST

Nneamaka Iwobi | Oral Exposure to Arsenic Through Food Consumption | Christopher Bradfield | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jafira Johnson | Establishing Zebrafish As A Model To Study Genetic Components Underlying Neural Tube Defects Using Genetic Components | Rachel Brewster | Biological Sciences

Rahul Kamdar | Assessing Mutant P53 Levels Via Stable Expression And Molecular Screening In Ovarian Cancer Cells | Achuth Padmanabhan | Biological Sciences

Emma Kartalia | Conservation Genetics of the Endangered Bahama Oriole | Kevin Omland | Biological Sciences

Ziam Khan | Drosophila Melanogaster As A Model To Study Autism Genes At The Cellular And Behavioral Level | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Se Rin Lee | Understanding Nucleus Accumbens Synaptic Plasticity In Regulating Reward-related Behaviors | Tara LeGates | Biological Sciences

Se Rin Lee | Investigating The Divergence And Structure Of Chromatin Modifiers Set3 And Set4 In Budding Yeast | Erin Green | Biological Sciences

Yiwei Ma | Testing For A Species Concept In Betta Splendens | Tamra Mendelson | Biological Sciences

Sahar Mahate | The Significance Of ACE2 Receptor For SARS-CoV-2 Entry On Relationship Between Vaping And COVID-19 Risk | Weihong Lin | Biological Sciences

Olufolake Majekodunmi | Examination Of Flavor Vanillin In E-liquid On Mouse Models Using Comparative Chemosensory Behavioral Experimentation | Weihong Lin | Biological Sciences

Luz Martinez | Comparison Of Autism Linked Genes, SHANK3 And DLGAP2, In Humans With Its Fly Orthologs, Prosap and Vulcan | Fernando Vonhoff | Biological Sciences

Alexandra Misciagna | Identification Of Critical Iron Transporters Via RNAseq in the Gram-negative Bacterium Cellvibrio Japonicus | Jeffrey Gardner | Biological Sciences

D'Juan Moreland | Acoustic Similarity Between Yearling And Adult Males In Orchard Orioles | Kevin Omland | Biological Sciences

Nithya Navarathna | Establishing A Cell-Based High-Throughput Screen To Identify Pathways Targeting ZNF217 Levels In Ovarian Cancer Cells | Achuth Padmanabhan | Biological Sciences

Oluwateniayo Ogunsan | Automatically Generated Phase Portraits For Understanding Biological Systems | Daniel Lobo | Biological Sciences

Crystal Parry | Effect Of Lisinopril Dosage On Level Of ROS & A

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