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"Job Opening" Scam Emails

Fake Job Offer For "Student Administrative Assistant"

April 27, 2021 8:31 AM
The Department of Biological Sciences has been notified a scammer is sending out phishing emails claiming to offer a part-time job as an Administrative Assistant from biology faculty members. The offer is fake.  

Example of the email: 

The services of a student administrative assistant is urgently required to work part-time and get paid $300 weekly. Tasks will be carried out remotely and work time is 7hrs/week. 
If interested, send a copy of your updated resume and a functional whatsapp number to our Department of Biological Sciences via this email address to proceed.

Phyllis Robinson
Department of Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Bldg, Room 470

What to do now?

If you do receive this or a similar scam, please DO NOT respond any further or click on any URLs. If you have provided any banking or financial information, please notify your bank or financial institution immediately. If you have been sent a check, you should not attempt to cash or deposit it. If you have deposited a check already, please contact your bank and tell them that it may be part of a scam.

Whether or not you responded to the scam or not, please forward the message (with the email headers) to We will also keep track of any other information you submit about the scammers, such as their phone numbers. If you were sent a check or other materials, please send pictures of it and the envelope they came in.

How do I forward full email headers? 

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