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New! Virtual Tutoring Help Desk and Drop-In Math Tutoring!

Get help instantly with Math!

September 30, 2020 9:28 AM
Hi Retrievers!

We've got new services to help you find the tutoring you need to succeed! Introducing our new Virtual Tutoring Help Desk and our new Drop-In Math Tutoring!

The Virtual Tutoring Help Desk can assist you with finding out what tutoring is right for you and help you get scheduled for tutoring. But most importantly, it can help you get signed in for Drop-In Math Tutoring!

Drop-In Math Tutoring is available for the following classes:

  • MATH 104
  • MATH 106
  • MATH 150
  • MATH 151
  • MATH 152
  • MATH 215
  • MATH 221
  • MATH 225
  • MATH 251
  • MATH 301
You can access the Virtual Tutoring Help Desk and Drop In Math Tutoring through this link: Virtual Tutoring Help Desk

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