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9th Annual Phage Phest

Over 2 Dozen Virtual Phage Posters!

December 4, 2020 10:46 AM

The 9th Annual Phage Phest is being held virtually via VoiceThread. Visit:

Note - These are posted on VoiceThread, but you do not need to have a VoiceThread account to view the posters or listen to the talks. You will need to register or log-in to ask questions. If you have a UMBC account all you will need to do is log-in to your UMBC account, you are already registered into VoiceThread.


This is your chance to see what the UMBC Phage Hunters have accomplished in their wild, condensed, online version of the entire SEA PHAGES experience. If you are an underclassmen interested in Phage Hunters, click the link and see what the class is all about!

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