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STEM-related history courses for GEP and upper levels

Looking for an upper level, SS, or WI course?

January 8, 2021 12:28 PM
HIST 411
Service Learning in Public History: Death, Disease, & Data
TuTh 4-5:15pm, online
Dr. Nicholas Bonneau

This experiential learning course will introduce students to a variety of historical methodologies employed an active public history and archaeology research project. Students will work with Dr. Bonneau and other members of the Arch Street Project team to study the recently rediscovered burial site at 218 Arch Street, in use from roughly 1692 through 1859. We will research the circumstances of the site¿s use and abandonment, the lives of those interred there, and practices surrounding health, death, and burial in the city of Philadelphia. Students will complete individual and group projects students that combine traditional qualitative research and interpretation with quantitative methods of epidemiological, medical and demographic history, including data management, statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, and presentation of results to both an academic audience and the public. As this project extends beyond traditional areas of historical inquiry, non-history students are encouraged to join in. Areas of possible individual and group research range from the historical (histories of public health, industrialization, gender, labor, religion, and the family) to the biological (disease ecology, health economics, bioinformatics) and more. Not a GEP course. Only for upper level credits.

Pre-req: HIST 200 and HIST 300

HIST 369
Darwinism: The Evolutionary Perspective
TuTh, 10-11:15am
Online, synchronous meeting on Thursdays
Dr. Mirjam Voerkelius

Explore the ideas and implications of Darwin's work on evolution. Learn how Darwin's theory of evolution inspired painters and novelist. Consider the bitter controversies Darwinism sparked and how his work has been received in different national contexts, including Russia, Egypt, and the U.S. Fulfills a SS GEP requirement

Pre-req: any 100-level SS course or junior/senior standing.

HIST 446
History of Science Since 1700
MW 4-5:15pm, online
Dr. Nicholas Bonneau

This course provides an overview of the history of Western science since the 18th century. It will emphasize the development of various scientific fields within their institutional settings and the professionalization of the role of the scientist. Fulfills a WI and SS GEP requirement.

Pre-req: ENGL 100. Don't meet the pre-req? Reach out to Carla Ison ( for permission.

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