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Research Technicians Needed!

Center for Inherited Disease Research

Research Technicians Needed!
The Department of Genetic Medicine seeks a Research Technologist who will be responsible for sample handling, planning and executing molecular genetics tests (i.e., genotyping or sequencing) on large numbers of DNA samples. This would be with The Center for Inherited Disease Research (CIDR). CIDR was established  at the Johns Hopkins University in 1996. CIDR provides high quality next generation sequencing and genotyping services to investigators working to discover genes that contribute to disease. On-site statistical geneticists provide valuable insight into analysis issues as they relate to study design, data production and quality control. Completed studies encompass over 200 phenotypes across 900 projects and over 1.2 million samples from over 300 different principal investigators located world-wide. The impact is evidenced by over 1,190 peer-review publications. CIDR's mission is to support the genetics community by providing high quality, cutting-edge genomic services and technologies in order to expand our understanding of disease and
catalyze discoveries that translate to patient care.

See attached flyer for more details

Posted: April 25, 2022, 12:58 PM