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MUSC 333: Race and Jazz (Class number 2920)

Six-Week - First (May 31 - July 8)

Online asynchronous

Arts and Humanities GEP


Course Description: The music known as jazz has been celebrated throughout the world. This course will examine the music itself as well as the role that race has played throughout jazz history. We will examine the music from a historical perspective through the study of the music and lives of its creators and practitioners. Students will learn to make aesthetic judgments, identify various jazz styles and discuss their relevance to their time and to the present. Recommended Course Preparation: MUSC 100 or MUSC 214


MUSC 328: Music and the Mind (Class number 2921)

Six-Week - Second (July 11 - August 19)

Online asynchronous

Social Science GEP


Course Description: In this course, we will explore major topics in the interdisciplinary field of music cognition and perception, with a focus on how people perceive, remember, enjoy, and interact with music. This course will present topics on the primary aspects of the musical experience (pitch, rhythm, meter, and timbre), the mental synthesis of these elements into meaningful musical sound, aspects of musical development in children, music and language, individual differences between musicians and nonmusicians, and studies on musical memory, expectation, and emotion. Recommended Course Preparation: MUSC 101 or MUSC 102 or MUSC 125


MUSC 336: The Beatles: Career, Music, Culture, Innovation, Impact (Class number 2577)

Four-Week - Second (July 11 - August 5)

Online asynchronous

Arts and Humanities GEP


Course Description: This course offers an exploration of the music and career of the Beatles with respect to innovation in pop music and its impact on Western culture. For students with little or no musical training in music, the Beatles' music will be discussed in a nontechnical way that centers on music fundamentals - e.g., melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form and instrumentation. The course also positions the Beatles' music and influence within the context of cultural, social, and political developments. Recommended Course Preparation: MUSC 100 or MUSC 101

POLI 210: Political Theory (3 cr.)

Summer Session II: 07/11/2022 - 08/19/2022

Online Asynchronous

Satisfies Arts and Humanities (GEP) & Arts and Humanities (GFR) Requirements

An introduction to the theoretical issues and debates underlying political practice and policy. Emphasis is placed on applying political theories to current political debates.

The course is fully online, asynchronous, and largely self-paced. It presents course materials and assignments in an easy-to-navigate, accessible format. POLI majors are welcome, but the course is also geared toward non-majors as well as those who might not have extensive knowledge about politics.  

Posted: May 20, 2022, 12:37 PM