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JHU MedHacks is hosting ALL IN-PERSON Hackathon 2022

Are you ready for the future of health?

JHU MedHacks is hosting our first ALL IN-PERSON Hackathon since 2019!!! Anyone can apply, even if you have no prior hackathon experience, as we will have mentors and workshops to help you out! This is also a great opportunity to network with industry professionals, meet new hackers of all backgrounds, and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills!

APPLY TODAY @ https://medhacks.io

When: Friday September 9th (6pm) - Sunday 11th, 2022
Where: FastForwardU (walking distance from JHU Homewood)

What do I do at MedHacks?
Hackers will have 36 hours to choose from three title tracks this year (JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, JHU School of Nursing, and Patient Safety Technology) with the goal to create a solution, and pitch their project to their track judges. Teams consist of 3-5 members, and feel free to apply either as a team OR solo! We will have a team forming session during the event.

Do I have to stay on-site for the whole event?
While it is not a requirement this year, hackers have traditionally stayed on-site throughout the entire event as your teammates may need you during those all-nighters!

Is JHU providing transportation?
As the university's policy has changed, we are no longer able to provide nor reimburse transportation.

Anything else I should know?
1. There will be mentors on site from APL, SON, and Patient Safety Technology (and other sponsors such as MathWorks) to help hackers
2. Career events with APL and SON
3. Fun workshops all day Saturday from our sponsors to provide you with skills and tools to further help you create your project!
4. FREE FOOD throughout the event!!
5. Meet other hackers!!

tl;dr APPLY TODAY @ https://medhacks.io

Questions? Email the directors directly at: 

We hope to see you at the event!
Jonathan Wu & Kristen Chao | MedHacks 2022 Directors

Posted: September 1, 2022, 4:31 PM