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Poster Graphics

Poster Graphics – The Graphics Lab Image Library

This section is being provided to make creating your poster easier. We have included different versions of the UMBC logo for use according to the UMBC Style guide. To download images, right click (or option click on the mac) and select ‘save target as…’ to save the graphic to your computer. Then you can ‘place’ or drag the graphic into your poster and resize the image to your specifications.

Clean Logos

(no embossed effects or shadows)

The above seal should only be used in an official capacity.
Examples include diplomas and official certificates.


Embossed Logos

(Blow are UMBC logos with Embossed effects and light shadows which add 3-dimensionality, but look less classic and clean) 

Graphics FYI

Not just for graphic artists anymore, everybody uses digital images these days. Graphics come in two forms, vector and bitmap. Bitmap images are generally pixel by pixel instructions of how a photo looks. Vector images are based on a different type of instruction. A file might say, there is a circle this big and it’s red. This type of instruction can be scaled as big as necessary and still look crisp. Many fonts are vector images and therfore look nice and crisp when printed large. most pictures are bitmaps and therefore look pixellated when magnified.

Graphic Programs

The standard program used to create photos on campus is powerpoint. We can typically print other formats, but powerpoint is on every computer in campus and most people can use the program with no problem. If you’d like tto use a different program, please contact us and check before begining work on the file.
Many programs utilize both vector and bitmap images, but typically editing is done with one of the following programs.
Bitmap image programs include Photoshop(Mac/PC), Graphic Converter (Mac), Gimp (Linux) and Microsoft Paint (Windows).
Vector Image Programs include Illustrator (Mac/PC)