Vonhoff Lab

Dr. Vonhoff has been with the Department of Biological Sciences since December 2017 as part of UMBC’s pre-professoriate fellowship program and is now an assistant professor.

He received his undergraduate degree from the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and Ph.D. from Arizona State University. His research is interested in brain development and function, using fruit flies as a model to study human neurological diseases. Since arriving at UMBC, Dr. Vonhoff has mentored several graduate students and more than 15 undergraduate students.

For more information on the Vonhoff Lab, email fvonhoff@umbc.edu. We have a lab website coming soon!

Current Graduate Students:
Noah Reger (PhD student)
Maya Brown (Masters student)


Current Undergraduate Students:
Aris Stovall
Cameron Anderson
Joana Hernandez
Malika Hiyam
Steve Park
Elshaday Behailu
Victor Omoniyi
Ryan Oliver
Briah Barksdale
Cheyenne Oliver
Yasmin Molkara
Chetana Jadhav