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Changing from Legacy to Current Curriculum

Students new to UMBC as of the Fall of 2010 who chose one of the Biological Science Department majors are automatically enrolled in the new curriculum. Biological Sciences majors who entered UMBC before Fall 2010 remain in their original majors by default. In order to change from the old to the new curriculum students must ask to override this decision, based on the term they first enrolled at UMBC, by petitioning to change as outlined.

Students who wish to switch REQUIREMENTS ONLY (based on term of enrollment), remaining under the same MAJOR and DEGREE TYPE – e.g., Switching from the Old BIOL B.S. to the New BIOL B.S. – should complete a Biological Science Term Change Request Form. The fields highlighted in RED must be filled out before the student prints out the form – these provide the information that identifies the student whose record will be changed, and this will make sure that those sections are legible. After the form is filled in and printed, the form must be taken to the Registrar.


Students who wish to change both REQUIREMENTS and the MAJOR and/or DEGREE TYPE that they are pursuing – e.g., Switching from Old BIOL B.S. to New BIOL B.A. – should complete the Biological Science Term Change Request Form (choosing from the drop-down menu the major/degree that they ultimately want to pursue), PLUS a “Declaration of Major” form that “adds” the new major/degree and “deletes” the old one. The forms should be filled in online, printed and both forms must be taken to the Registrar.


Neither of these forms requires an advisor’s signature. HOWEVER, the curriculum change form does ask students to acknowledge certain responsibilities and possible consequences of making the change, as the decision is irreversible. They are encouraged to consult with an advisor before submitting their request.


Frequently Asked Questions